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You take on the role of a Bartender except something is different... you are a cat and you are serving other animals some drinks. That's right! You are serving some BOOZE to some ZOO animals (Get it? Booze Zoo -> BooZoo). Also, the part about being a cat is quite fitting. Cats like to break things or knock things over.

The game is simple:

  • Grab a bottle or two (filled with strange colored liquids) and start pouring/mixing the liquids into a mug/glass!
  • Pay attention to the icons above each Patron's head as well as the glowing spots on the counter to give the right drink to the correct patron.
  • Fulfill as many orders as you can without angering too many patrons, and you can increase your score!
  • Fail to get orders done in a timely manner or giving wrong orders multiple times will cause you to lose


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